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The Greatest Battle


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MONEY MANIPULATION Comphrehensive Compilation on the History of Money including promising alternative systems of exchange.

Please read: Nature of Money by John Kutyn

Please read: Latest Version of Nature of Money:

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Nature of Money from a European Perspective:

Visit Russ Porisky's Paradigm Group:

Natural Person vs. Artificial Person:

Please read "Behind the Scenes Lurks the Banks." and other interesting materials:

Banks and Judges in Australia by John Wilson:

Check out the Website: Money, Banking and Credit for many interesting written materials on the subject. The website is American, however everything that pertains to American banking also applies to Canadian banking - they are children of the same mother. Reference to the Federal Reserve, the American Central Bank also applies to our Bank of Canada. The Federal United States is divided into 12 Federal Reserve Districts; Canada makes up the 13th Federal Reserve District, managed by Bank of Canada. Clearing of money is operated by the Canadian Payments Association, a so-called "non-profit" organization that handles more than $250 Billion per second.

Central Banking Systems: